A spacious laundry room is a luxury that many people do not have. However, there are still ways to maximize space, declutter and create efficient laundry solutions in small areas. Here are four ideas to help save space…

 1. Opt for a three-sort hamper with shelves and wheels like this wisdom star 3 bag laundry sorter. This type of hamper can easily fit into any closet, or bathroom and the added shelving provides extra storage space. With wheels, it becomes even easier to transport clothes and supplies to your tiny laundry room. 

Laundry organizing cart meant to declutter and organize
Wisdom Star 3 Bag Laundry Sorter Cart with Storage Shelf, Laundry Hamper Sorter with Rolling Wheels and Removable Bags for Clothes Storage,Laundry Organizer Basket Laundry Clothes Hamper, Black

2. Magnetic storage bins are a great way to store stain remover, laundry pods, and dryer sheets. If you don’t have a nearby trash can, a magnetic lint bin can be a great addition.

Magnetic lint bin meant to declutter and organize laundry waste and supplies
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clear organizing bin perfect for declutter

3. To maximize space and stay organized, create a grab-and-go tray with all your laundry supplies. This tray can be placed in your kitchen or under a bathroom counter, ensuring that everything you need is easily accessible.

Solid wood coffee table a perfect place to fold laundry and declutter the piles of clean clothes.
Low solid wood extendable coffee table

4. Folding clothes may seem boring, but it can become a pleasant experience with the help of a spacious coffee table and your favorite TV show. Ted Helen tables are incredibly versatile and can be a great option if you’re living in a small apartment. Instead of getting a small dining table, consider getting one large coffee table that can serve multiple purposes. The Ted Helen Coffee table can easily transform into a formal dining table for special occasions by simply exchanging to longer legs. It caters to your everyday needs and provides the flexibility to change your space as required.

At Ted Helen we are passionate about helping people declutter, organize and maximize their existing space in a practical and beautiful way. Our solid wood modular furniture is unlike anything on the market today. It enables customers to purchase 1 piece of furniture and utilize in 6 different ways: Dining table, Coffee Table, Console Table, Bench, Desk, and Floating Wall shelf. Customer no longer have to compromise between what they need, and what they want. Ted Helen, the every use furniture.