Ted Helen

Simply Beautiful

Table Legs

-Solid Walnut, Cherry, White Oak or Mahogany

-Oblong Leg Style

-16.5″, 23.5″, 27.5″

-Use different lengths to create desired furniture piece. You can purchase Ted Helen Legs for your own DIY items and/or with Ted Helen furniture tops.

Table Tops

-Solid Walnut, Cherry, White Oak or Mahogany

-30″, 36″ or 42″ Wide

-Square or Round

-Combine Furniture tops together to create the desired length, NO LIMIT!

-Combine with our Ted Helen Legs to create desired furniture item.  Coffee table (16.5″ leg), Bar stool/Side table (23.5″ leg), Dining table (27.5″).


Bar stool, side tables or foot stools

-Solid Walnut, Cherry. White Oak or Mahogany

-Round, Square or Oval

-Saddle seat detail for bar stools/chairs or flat surface for side tables or foot stool. 

-Select 16.5″ leg for foot stools or 23.5″ for side tables and bar stools.