Furniture Legs With Adjustable Feet

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All products are made from solid cherry, walnut, white oak or mahogany. We use a clear protective finish. Read the description below for guidance on the different top and leg combinations. CALL US 435-315-2015.

FREE SHIPPING. Products ship 3-4 weeks after purchase.  Payment plans offered with Affirm and after pay. American Made.

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  • The total number of legs needed depends on the total number of Ted Helen tops ordered.
  • Legs can be a different wood grain than the tops to create a two toned look.
  • Consider ordering two sets of legs (short and tall) if you intend to create versatility.  For example, a console table that you may want to transform into a bench on family occasions.
  • Stools, side tables and chairs already include the legs in price.  Console tables, Benches, Desks, Coffee tables and dining tables do not include legs because how many tops ordered affects how many legs needed.


-Select a leg height based on the type of furniture desired.

  • Bench: 16.5″ legs Total height with top: 18″
  • Coffee table: 16.5″ legs Total height with top: 18″
  • Plant Stand, Side Table, or Bar Stool: 23.5″ legs Total height with top 25.5″
  • Console table, Desk, Dining Table: 27.5″ legs Total height with top 29″


The number of legs needed is determined by the total desired table depth.

  • 60″ OR LESS 4-6 Legs
  • 72″-96″ 6 Legs
  • 108″-156″ 8 legs
  • 168″-204″ 10 legs
  • For tables longer than 204″ call us 435-315-2015


  • We offer 4 premium hardwoods: Cherry, Walnut, White Oak, Mahogany.
  • We finish our tables with a solvent free organic oil wax finish.  This finish is stain and water resistant!  Many of us here are Ted Helen have kids so we understand that stain and water protection is KEY!
  • What about scratches?  Any expert will tell you that wood scratching is unavoidable.  Therefore, we chose a finish that is super easy to touch up those surface scratches! The finish we use is completely organic and smells amazing!  This enables you to hand sand and refinish just the one spot vs. the entire top without even needing gloves or a mask.
  • Cherry and white oak are the most forgiving hardwoods, keep this in mind when planning high traffic areas in your home.

Shipping and Assembly

  • Everything is assembled with 1 tool.  It really is as simple as tops and legs!  Use the one tool to combine the tops together and add the legs!
  • Everything is modular! Each Piece will be individually packaged ensuring a damage free and easy arrival.

Forever Furniture

  1. Easy assembly: Only 1 tool needed, assembles in minutes.
  2. Adapts to new dwelling: Fits any new home or space, shrinkable and extendable.
  3. Space-saver: Ideal for small spaces, transforms into a dining table.
  4. Easy to move: Pieces easily stack in the car trunk.
  5. Cost-effective durability: Hardwood, and easy to touch up finish
  6. Redesign flexibility: Easily transform with new leg styles, new end pieces etc… endless possibilities.

Additional information

Wood Grain

Solid Cherry, Solid Walnut, Solid White Oak, Solid Mahogany


16.5", 23.5", 27.5"