Our goal at Ted Helen is to create functional spaces throughout your home, whether it be a studio apartment, a tiny home, townhouse or large single family home.  A list of concepts to consider when designing your space can help define exactly what items you need.  For example, if you are designing your kitchen, formal dining, or multi-purpose room the first purchase should be a table.  Below is a straightforward guideline to determine the best table size for the room you are trying to create

  1. Providing 3’ of free area around the table is ideal. This will allow enough room for people to walk behind when the chairs are pulled out.  Chair is typically around 18” deep which then leaves another 18” of walking space.
    1. For Narrow rooms one could purchase a longer table and have one side pushed up against the wall as that might actually provide more seating, than a smaller table that enables you to walk all the way around.  Either way, whichever side has the chairs should leave 3’ of free space. 
    2. Benches are a great way to provide more room as they are not as deep as a dining chair.  With the use of benches you could plan on 2.5’ around vs. 3’. 
  2. Consider other furniture that you may want such as a buffet or behind the couch table when determining the 3’ of free space.

How to calculate the right size table? First measure the length and width of the space you are considering.  

  1. To determine the length of the table simply subtract 6 feet from that total room length to provide 3’ of clearance around.  Remember the 3’ is to ensure you have room from chairs and walking space.  For example, if you have a 12 foot room you can easily fit a 6 foot table.  Now, it’s your home so if you want to fudge a bit and you don’t mind being cozy, then go for it. 
  2. To determine width repeat the same steps above, if your room is 6’ wide then you can easily fit a 3’ wide table.  

How many people does your everyday table need to accommodate?

Two feet of space for each person is ideal, however 18” is still cozy. Here are some rules of thumb for diner count:

  1. 36”-48” – 4
  2. 60”-72”- 6
  3. 84”-96”- 8 
  4. 108”-120”-10
  5. 132”-144” – 12
  6. 156”-168”- 14
  7. So on….
  1. Your space may be able to accommodate a larger table than you actually need on a daily basis. If this is the case consider a multi-use extendable table such as the Ted Helen extendable table.  
  2. With the Ted Helen Table system every section connects to each other and can be utilized as a Desk, Coffee table, Bench, Console table, or Dining table. If your space can accommodate a 6 foot table but you really only need a 4 foot table, consider purchasing a Ted Helen entryway table and behind the couch table.  These two items can become extension leaves for your dining table when the occasion calls for it.  You could also purchase a Ted Helen Coffee table that can easily become table leaves as well.