Ted Helen 



Ted Helen is committed to harmonizing timeless craftsmanship with sustainable innovation. We meticulously select premium hardwoods such as walnut, cherry, white oak, and mahogany, not only for their enduring beauty but also for their sustainable sourcing. Our commitment to the planet is reflected in every piece of furniture we create, utilizing eco-safe, solvent-free finishes that promise both water and stain resistance.

Durability and thoughtful design are at the heart of our work. We understand that life is dynamic, homes change, and flexibility is key. That’s why our furniture is designed to be not only easy to assemble but also adaptable, seamlessly fitting into any space and any chapter of life. We strive to create pieces that evolve with you, understanding that there is no such thing as a ‘forever home’ but rather a ‘forever piece of furniture.’


  • Each leaf is 12″ deep to create a furniture by the foot experience.
  • There are 3 widths to fit any space: 30″, 36″, 42″.
  • 2 leg styles to create different aesthetics: Oblong or Round.
  • 3 leg heights: 28.5″, 22.5″, and 16.5″ combined with the thickness of the tables top to create the desired furniture.
  • Easily exchange legs between peices to create a new peice of furniture.
  • 4 wood premium wood grains: Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, Mahogany.
  • Connect leaves and legs together to assemble dining tables, desks, coffee tables, sofa tables, side tables, benches or floating shelves.
  • Strategic leg placement and our proprietary internal skirt creates a table that can extend an infinite length.
  • Mix and Match Wood Grains! All of the leaves and legs combine together no matter the wood grain.  Create beautiful unique peices such as a cherry center and walnut leaves.


  • Water and Stain Resistant
  • Organic, Food Safe, Solvent Free
  • Contains natural UV inhibitors to prevent peeling, flaking, and cracking
  • Extracts and enhances the natural beauty, depth and clarity of the wood.
  • Easy and affordable repair kit! If the occasional scratch occurs touch it up easily with the odie’s organic repair kit.  This finish is solvent free, so no masks or gloves are required!
  • Ted Helen is not a partner of Odie’s, after years of testing different finishes there is no comparison to what Odie’s can offer!