Frustrated with the current modular self assembly options….

I wanted something that was actually easy to assemble, durable material such as solid wood, had versatility, and was easy to move, so I invented the Ted Helen connector. This innovative solution transforms TED HELEN solid wood furniture into a modular system that assembles in minutes with 1 tool and creates sophisticated adaptable furniture that has yet to be seen!

Dining Table

Dining Table



Changing the way wood furniture delivers, assembles, and extends FOREVER with ingenious functionality and thoughtful design .

Wood is a beautiful, renewable, and versatile material that is highly valued in furniture manufacturing. However, it can be heavy, challenging to ship, and complicated to assemble, which previous to Ted Helen made it unsuitable for modular designs. I invented the Ted Helen connector which eliminates all of those hurdles and finally enables solid wood to be used in a modular furniture system.

The Ted Helen connector is embedded into the furniture materials and eliminates the need for screws, dowels, brackets or multiple tools. Ted Helen furniture can be assembled with 1 tool, no bags of pieces and is made from solid real white oak, walnut, cherry, maple or any real wood upon request.

My Story

I have been fortunate enough to experience an adventurous lifestyle that involved frequent moves, 16 to be exact. This included various types of dwellings, such as studio apartments, condos, town homes, and large single-family homes.

The largest hurdle and frustration was always the furniture.  The cost of moving is so expensive, physically carrying things up stairs and around corners, and arranging it in my new space was stressful to say the least.

I just felt there had to be a better way…..


Frustrated by compromises between quality, function, design and convenience, I started Ted Helen to create an innovative solution to multi use easy assembly real solid wood furniture unlike anything customers have seen.

My aim was to create adaptable furniture that can grow or shrink to meet your changing needs at every stage of your life and every home. Ted Helen, the perfect everyday furniture.

Aesthetic Meets Functionality

All of the Ted Helen sections combine together (as long as they are the same width) and the Ted Helen leg is easily exchanged to different lengths creating the ultimate adaptable furniture system.

For example, a Ted Helen Coffee table can be completely disassembled and utilized as extension leaves for your Ted Helen Dining table. The coffee table can also become benches, or exchange for longer legs and become a desk or dining table.

Customers can purchase a desk and floating wall shelves.  The floating wall shelves can be utilized as leaves for the desk, transforming your work space to a dining area in minutes. Ted Helen has much more on the horizon but is thrilled to introduce our Dining table, Desks, Coffee tables, Console tables, Benches, and Floating Wall Shelves that are all interchangeable with each other as long as customers purchase the same widths.

Quality Furniture

At Ted Helen, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Our furniture is meticulously crafted from premium wood, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal.

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